football takeover WITH JOHN HARRIS

Played it. Coached it. Lived it.


football takeover WITH JOHN HARRIS

Played it. Coached it. Lived it.


Welcome to 2017, SEC and College Football Fans. Here's what you'll find.

14 teams' outlooks and season predictions.

65+ individual scouting reports for the SEC's 2018 NFL Draft eligible players

Way early preseason draft projections for each draft eligible player

X's and O's breakdown for each team

All-SEC teams

All-American Teams

142 pages of e-book goodness

Had I been able to get this out much earlier, I would've charged WAY more for this. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It's only $5.99 but the early draft projections for the draft eligible players are worth that alone (or so I hope).

I don't expect everyone to be completely happy with everything I've written or predicted; I've worked in college football long enough to know not everyone is happy, well, ever. But, please know everything you see is from me - layout, information, writing, editing, design, anything I've missed. If you don't like it, that's on me. If you don't like the font, that's on me. I can't pass the buck, nor do I want to. I just want to share my 24/7/365 thoughts on the best conference in the nation with you.

I will post throughout the week and weekend to let you know how best to purchase any and all of those, but tell your friends, let everyone know and hopefully you'll have something to entertain and inform for a little bit.

Much thanks as always,